Wednesday, May 18, 2011


This Japanese restaurant has unique "self service" concept. They're serving dish on Buffet from Appetizer, Soup, Entree, Main Course, Dessert, Coffee/Tea and they also provide rice. You can find good quality and assorted dish from beef, chicken, seafood and fresh vegetables.. 
Hanamasa's main menu are Yakiniku (grilled food) and Syabu-Syabu (boiled foods). There are grill pan and boiling pan on each table. Besides Yakiniku and Syabu-Syabu, they served Robatayaki. On Robatayaki, choices of food spread in galore, we choose what we want and then the chefs grill it in front of us.

Syabu-Syabu Stall


Choises of Drinks. Jasmine tea, Thai Iced Tea, and Cappuccino. They're just too sweet. Maybe for making us full so we don't eat too much :P
Hanamasa provide 2 (two) packages.. All you can eat (89,5k for adults, 73,5k for kids), and All you can eat and drink (98,5k for adults, 81,5k for kids). You can find the all you can eat at hanamasa mahakam, bogor, artha gading, tamini square, margo city, and poins square. The other outlets are all you can eat and drink.

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PT. ADI BOGA CIPTA (Hanamasa Restaurant)
Jl. Raya Alternatif Cibubur KM. 1
Cimanggis Depok Jawa Barat-16954
Telp. (021) 8459 9480-2 / 8459 8792-3
Fax. (021) 8459 9478

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sugar High

Heard about this little dessert home from my friend months ago. This afternoon, I went there with two of my friends. Sugar High is located in Kemang Selatan, South Jakarta. This place is too cute to be true.
The interior dominated with white, pink, and turquoise color. When we first entered this place, we can see there are only 4 tables. The semi sofa full with cute little pillow. The lamp is in the green bird cage. There's a lot of unique mirror. Me likey..

We ordered Creme Brulee (17k), Bread and Butter Pudding (18k), and Chocolate Molten (24k). The Creme Brulee and Bread and Butter pudding was so so.. It just sweet. But the Chocolate Molten definitetely to die for. The warm chocolate cake with melted chocolate is perfectly match with the vanilla ice cream. No wonder, they claimed their chocolate molten is the most favorite.

They wrote down their menus on the cupboard with cute color chalk. Psssst.... all of their cakes are homemade. Sweetness! I love homemade <3 I definitely want to back to this sweet place and try their other tempting menu such as Toblerone and Ferrero Rocher Cake.
Sugar High
Jl. Abdul Majid no 99 D
Kemang Selatan
(021) 7231265 / 085710958151

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4 Fingers Crispy Chicken

Last month, a day before the "holy friday", my boyfriend and I are about to hit the road along UI (Depok) to Grand Indonesia. We wanted to meet up with our friends there. As usual, when the next day is a public holiday in Jakarta, the traffic jam is going KRAZY! My boyfriend was driving for two hours and we were still far from our destination. He was really starving, and finally we changed our plan and decided to had our dinner at Epicentrum Walk in Kuningan. 
We heard about the new restaurant open there named 4 Fingers. Korean themed cuisine, from the streets of New york city. So, we went there.
My boyfriend ordered Chicken Burger with Large Fries 40k. It taste delicious.. The chicken perfectly crispy and the fries is nice with seaweed and salt flavor.
I ordered 6pcs crispy chicken wings with fries and small soda, 37k. They offered 3 choices of sauce. Spicy, Sweet and Mix. We can choose between rice and fries for the combo. I dont expect the wings are big. But unfortunetaly, it was huge. It was really good. I love it. BEST CRISPY CHICKEN WINGS IN TOWN. 

 The simple yet comfy interior.

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken
Epicentrum Walk Ground Floor W151-W153m,
Jl. HR Rasuna Said, Kuningan
Jakarta 12960

(021) 98008538 / (021) 29941800

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