Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sugar High

Heard about this little dessert home from my friend months ago. This afternoon, I went there with two of my friends. Sugar High is located in Kemang Selatan, South Jakarta. This place is too cute to be true.
The interior dominated with white, pink, and turquoise color. When we first entered this place, we can see there are only 4 tables. The semi sofa full with cute little pillow. The lamp is in the green bird cage. There's a lot of unique mirror. Me likey..

We ordered Creme Brulee (17k), Bread and Butter Pudding (18k), and Chocolate Molten (24k). The Creme Brulee and Bread and Butter pudding was so so.. It just sweet. But the Chocolate Molten definitetely to die for. The warm chocolate cake with melted chocolate is perfectly match with the vanilla ice cream. No wonder, they claimed their chocolate molten is the most favorite.

They wrote down their menus on the cupboard with cute color chalk. Psssst.... all of their cakes are homemade. Sweetness! I love homemade <3 I definitely want to back to this sweet place and try their other tempting menu such as Toblerone and Ferrero Rocher Cake.
Sugar High
Jl. Abdul Majid no 99 D
Kemang Selatan
(021) 7231265 / 085710958151

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