Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Desserts at Appetite

Yeay yeay another dessert review. I do love sweets :9 cause it makes me sweeter HAHA lol. There's a cute little place called Appetite at Senopati beside Harvest. The place are nice and cozy. I've been three times to this place. I always ordered their dessert. Never taste their main course. Okay.. here's the review.

My first dessert at Appetite was Chocolate Cream Mille Fuille with Vanilla Ice Cream. It's yummy.. 
My second and third desserts are Banana Creme Brulee with Cream Caramel and Enourmous Tiramisu.
The Banana Creme Brulee was good. I like it cause it has unique taste. About the one they called "enourmous tiramisu" and perfect for sharing was quite small for sharing. It fits for one only. The price range for the dessert are around 20k - 40k.  In conclusion, appetite is a quite nice place to hang out and relax with friends, and the prices are quite friendly for me as a college student.  Cheers!

@APPETITEcafe Jakarta, Indonesia.
Jl. Senopati Raya, No. 82, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia. 
Phone: +6221-7208913

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